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07 Dec 2008

Clojure Pipe Clojure blogger and user Bill Clementson has used Yahoo Pipes to create a Clojure mashup feed. This should turn out a good source of Clojure info. Bill's intro is here, and the pipe is here. Improved Emacs setup. Bill also posted his Emacs setup. Looking forward to implementing something like that as my setup. Atoms: uncoordinated and synchronous Rich Hickey added a new reference type with concurrency semantics called atoms. Clojure now has four reference types, each with a unique concurrency semantics: vars (changes isolated within thread), refs (synchronous & coordinated), atoms (synchronous and uncoordinated) and agents (asynchronous & uncoordinated). Mutual recursion. Using 'trampolines', Rich Hickey added support for mutual recursion. Misc Clojure Podcast w. Stuart Halloway.