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JAOO 2009 discount (for Clojure users ;-)

13 Jul 2009

I suggested to the JAOO program committee that the JAOO Aarhus 2009 conference should have a concurrency track. Their reply was "that's a good idea - you are hosting it!" - this is how Trifork works ;-) The good thing is that the track host gets to pick (or at least propose) speakers for the track (the bad thing is that it entails some work!). Given my recent interest in Clojure and since he is such a great speaker, I immediately suggested we invite Rich Hickey. I'll write a bit more on the program in an upcoming post, but right now I just want to mention that via the Danish Clojure Users' Group I am now a JAOO affiliate, and anyone signing up via dcug gets a 15% discount on JAOO tickets. To sign up, follow this procedure:
  1. To join dcug, simply register as a dcug user at http://www.clojure.dk.
  2. Read about the discount here: http://clojure.higher-order.net/?p=32
As an appetizer, check out this post at dcug.